Thomas H°yer Nissen Website

    Hello!, The content of these pages is basically a private showground, mainly focused on computer graphics and pictures from various holidays.
Nissen Oboe Tubes is my hobby "thing", apart from playing the oboe I work with CAD at NKT Flexibles - an offshore company
  Homemade Graphics Yes, using CAD and /or 3D-studio it is possible to do sort of stunning things yourself!
This  means an (additional) anaglyph for which you have to wear those special glasses to get the real out-of-the-screen effect. Shown are various examples from my daily work.
  North India 1996 Photos from my tour of northern India and Nepal with Exodus. A little about the pictures: All are jpeg's in 24 bit colours width maximum width of 600 pixels. Reserve min 620 pixels window width.
  South India 1998 Impressions from a similar tour through southern India.
  Morocco 2001 19 photos from a trip with Explore Worldwide. Pictures are mainly from Fes - Erfoud - Essauira and Marrakech
  North India 2004 Yes, India again. This time by train, jeep and air.
Main stations are Delhi, Jaipur, Jodhpur, Jaisalmer, Udaipur, Agra, Orchha, Varanasi, Kolkata and Puri
  Nissen Oboe Tube Alex Lubell of Chicago has led the way to a better staple. Here is my version, formerly called The Superstaple. Presented are equivalent solutions for Cor Anglais and Bassoon.
  Digimodel 3D Scanning and 3D modeling for customers is central for this site. This is a major part of my daily work. Primary software is Pro/Engineer
  Design inSite The database for the designer. "Design inSite" is expanding all the time. I did most of the graphics, i.e. animations and stills for this site up to 2007 
  Oboist Sound Gallery A great site I've found where you can listen to various oboists in small clips. Shows the great spectre of tone quality and style there is in oboe playing